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Maxine Waters, or Auntie Maxine as we lovingly call her, has been been a fearless leader of justice for years. The 80 year old has more spirit than Democrats half her age. As we all know, Waters is enemy number one for Trump, but that hasn’t stopped her activism or fighting spirit. Now, she has made history as the first woman and African American to be the chair of the House Financial Services Committee.

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After being sworn in yesterday, Waters told MSNBC, “I’ve been focused on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. That was the center piece of the Dodd/Frank reform. And Mulvaney who was sent over temporarily by the president to oversee it after the guy who headed it left to run for governor. And he’s tried to dismantle the Consumer Financial
Protection Bureau.”

She continued, “I’m going to focus on that and we’re going to try and undo the damage that Mulvaney has done. The last two years have been very dangerous. I have been appalled and surprised at how blatant it has been. This administration is not at all concerned about the welfare of the average family.”

Well said.

In honor of Auntie Maxine making history, see some of her most epic moments below.


1. The Legend

47th Annual Legislative Conference Source:Getty

Auntie Maxine has been a fearless leader for justice for years. The U.S. Representative for California’s 43rd congressional district has also been public enemy number for Trump, but that hasn’t stopped her activism. Check out some of her greatest moments. 

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2. Maxine Waters Telling People To Push Back Against The Trump Administration


3. Shoot Straight


4. Auntie Maxine Rips Into Ben Carson


5. Maxine Waters Lays Into Republican Who Says Sarah Sanders Being Refused Service At A Restaurant Is Like Jim Crow


6. Maxine Waters Shuts Down Paula Faris


7. Maxine Waters Calming People During The 1992 Los Angeles Riots


8. Reclaiming My Time!



9. And, Of Course, There’s the Remix