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President Donald Trump announced his Supreme Court pick Monday night, and it was just as horrific as everyone predicted: Washington veteran Brett Kavanaugh. The Yale University and Yale Law School graduate worked for President George H. W. Bush, President George H. W. Bush and Clinton hater Kenn Starr. He was problematic on many fronts but probably his scariest attribute, which was no doubt a plus for Trump, was being famous for believing sitting presidents should not undergo criminal investigation or prosecution. Basically, he thinks presidents are above the law. Like a mafia boss, Trump looked to put a consigliere on the payroll to protect himself.

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During a stiff speech in the White House from Kavanaugh, the 53-year-old pulled a remix version of the “I have Black friends card” and said, “My mother taught history at two largely African-Americans public schools so I understand the importance of equality.” Clearly, his mother was teaching him a whitewashed version of history. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be anti-affirmative action.

The NAACP reacted swiftly.

“Brett Kavanaugh is a dangerous ideologue whose extreme views on civil rights would solidify a far right majority on the Supreme Court,” the civil rights group said in a statement. “Coming after Neil Gorsuch’s appointment, a Kavanaugh confirmation would re-make the Court in President Trump’s own image. This prospect is unacceptable to the American people, and the NAACP is ready to lead the fight of a generation.”

The statement continued: “The NAACP knows Judge Kavanaugh well. We opposed his confirmation to the D.C. Circuit for good reason.  In his 12 years on the bench, he has proven us correct. He has been a strong and consistent voice for the wealthy and the powerful. Over and over again, he has ruled against civil rights, workers’ rights, consumer rights, and women’s rights. ”

The NAACP wasn’t alone, as Twitter reacted pretty similarly.


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