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Last month, Mia Irizarry was celebrating her birthday at Forest Preserves of Cook County in Illinois. Irizarry, who is Puerto Rican, was wearing a shirt with the Puerto Rican flag when an idiotic and racist white man began harassing her, saying, “You should not be wearing that in the United States of America. Are you a citizen? Are you a United States citizen?” The bigot is so deeply ignorant that he didn’t know Puerto Ricans are American citizens. He also calls the shirt “un-American.”

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Irizarry, who was renting out the area for her birthday, flagged down a park police officer and asked for help. On video, you can hear her saying, “I am renting this area and he’s harassing me about the shirt that I’m wearing.” She also says, “Officer, I feel entirely uncomfortable, can you remove … please officer” as the officer casually walks away from her.” She then says, “Officer, I’m renting, I paid for a permit for this area.. I do not feel comfortable with him here, is there anything you can do?”

See the video below:

Ricardo Rosselló, the governor of Puerto Rico, spoke out about the incident on Twitter, writing, “We will be looking into this incident as our offices in D.C. are in contact with local and state authorities, demanding that this officer be expelled from the police force. He failed to de-escalate the situation and therefore did not ensure a citizen’s safety.”

According to, “On Tuesday, park spokeswoman Stacina Stagner said investigators will interview the officer this week about the incident. She said the investigation would wrap up soon, but did not elaborate on a timeline.”

Let’s imagine if a white woman said she was being harassed by a Black or Latin person, the police would have dragged them to jail, tased or even shot him.


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