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Uber can’t seem to shake its racist reputation. A top executive at the company resigned from her position after employees of color accused her of racial discrimination.

Technologies Inc’s Chief People Officer Liane Hornsey announced that she was stepping down in an email to staff Thursday, July 5. Hornsey — who had been in the role as one of the ride-hailing firm’s top spokespeople on diversity and discrimination issues for 18 months — had been the subject of an investigation into complaints that she discriminated against employees.

Hornsey was accused of having used “discriminatory language and [making] derogatory comments” about Uber Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion Bernard Coleman. She also allegedly threatened former Uber executive Bozoma Saint John, who left the company in June.

Several allegations were substantiated, Reuters reported. However, as the ish hit the fan, Hornsey gave no official reason for her resignation.

The Hornsey scandal is the latest to rock the embattled company, which has been named in several sexual harassment and gender discrimination complaints. The grievances were so widespread that former U.S Attorney General Eric Holder opened an investigation last year.

Uber also came under fire for its handling of the complaints. The company ignored a board-approved recommendation by Holder that its chief diversity officer report directly to the CEO or COO, employees said to Reuters. Also, complaints to Uber’s anonymous tip line went unaddressed or were flat out dismissed, especially if race was involved, employees also said.

Uber agreed to pay $10 million to settle a proposed class-action discrimination lawsuit involving more than 400 women and people of color filed by three female engineers in March. One of the women dropped out of the suit to sue the company on her own for gender and race discrimination.


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