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Angela Rye is known for taking down delusional Trump supporters on CNN. However, her latest look made people overjoyed as she destroyed Jason Miller.

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While discussing Ivanka Trump finally condemning her father’s vile family separation policy at the border, Rye said on Cuomo Primetime, “She has an obligation to not only tell her father the truth but also her boss, the man who’s serving as commander-in-chief. Because you had a few sleepless nights, because it troubled your spirit and your heart and you did not take the necessary actions to stop him in his tracks. She now has an obligation to solve what’s happened.”

Miller responded with, “Ivanka weighed in on the immigration front. She gave what I thought was a very strong answer for Ivanka, a much stronger answer than I would have thought, saying it’s wrong so many of these kids are being brought in through coyotes and traffickers.”

When Rye said Trump is not her president, Miller took it personally and responded, “Not my President? He’s our President, Angela.”

Rye clapped back, “Not mine, not mine! I will never claim a bigot, ever, ever,” she said.

“What, are you a Canadian?” Miller asked condescendingly. Watch the tense exchange below:

But what really has people commenting is Rye rocking the hoop earrings and cornrows. See the reactions below:

Definitely a good look for Rye. Seems folks have no longer “cancelled” her after claiming Charlamagne‘s rape accuser was looking for a “come up.” One minute they hate you, the next minute they love you.


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