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Sometimes you just don’t give a damn—and that was the case for a bus driver in West Palm Beach, Florida who was fired after punching a white man who used the n-word.

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On Mother’s Day, Terrence Barber, 45, was driving the bus when a white man, who appeared drunk, got on and refused to pay. The man was carrying the American flag and repeatedly hurled the n-word. The driver did not react right away. The the man seemed to spit on the bus driver. The driver stopped the bus and proceeded to pound into him until the drunken white man collapsed to the floor. Watch below:

Barber was fired. He had worked for Palm Tran for nearly five years.

Barber told The Washington Post, “The gentlemen refused to pay. I was fine with the n-word because we’re trained to have thick skin and take verbal abuse. And I’m fine with the verbal abuse, but then he spit in my face. I’m a human being and I reacted.” Barber considers being spit on an assault. He also said he’s “not proud of it” but “I wouldn’t do anything different. I would have given him a free ride (again). But I can’t allow the assault.”

Originally, Barber was suspended for 90 days, but he received a letter of termination this week. Barber said what he experienced from the drunk racist wasn’t new. “The abuse is out of hand,” he explained. “I’ve been called the n-word so many times it’s not funny … I ignore the foolishness, but at the same time, we are human beings and we got feelings. I’m speaking out here for anybody that’s a transit operator.”

There were no charges pressed against the drunk man who spit on Barber.


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