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Cops are out here giving fist bumps to white supremacists and some people are still confused on why Black communities don’t trust police.

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On August 13, a man named Patrick Little was on the corner of a highway in Boca Raton, Florida with a sign that read “Jews rape kids.” Thankfully, Luis Carlos Reyes, 22, snatched the hateful sign and destroyed it. However, when police arrived he was the one who was put in handcuffs while an officer gave a fist bump to the white supremacist. See  below:

According to the Palm Beach Post, Reyes was charged with misdemeanors simple battery, criminal mischief, and released on site with a notice to appear in court.

There has been outrage over the fist bump online and now the police responding, claiming the video was “heavily edited,” which sounds like an excuse from a reality star when they look like a fool on camera. Palm Beach Post reports a longer video “shows the officer asking Little to take a picture of his sign for evidence in the investigation. Little extends a hand to shake and introduce himself. The officer declines, saying he’s sick, but offers a fist bump.”

There is no reason why an officer should be giving a fist bump to a man who had a sign about Jewish people, rape and children. If that would have been a Black man with a sign about white people, rape and children, the Boca Raton police would’ve had a gun to his head.

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