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A Jacksonville councilman is speaking out about the weekend shooting at a video game tournament, regardless of if it makes people uncomfortable.

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Yesterday, in Jacksonville, Florida, 24-year-old David Katz from Baltimore, Maryland opened fire at the Jacksonville Landing Complex, an open-air marketplace with stores, bars and restaurants that was hosting a video game tournament. reports two people were killed and several others were injured.

Florida city councilman Reggie Gaffney, who represents the district where the shooting took place, spoke to a local news station, saying, “I am very sad and frustrated right now because — the second shooting in less than 48 hours — but to talk about this, it’s tragic. I want to give my condolences to the family members.” He continued, “When you lose one life you should be concerned. My question — I’m asking to America, I’m asking to Jacksonville, I’m asking to the state — what are we going to do about guns?”

He also added, “We’ve really got to ask ourselves two questions. What are we going to do about guns? And we’ve really got to get focused on getting closer with the Lord because this city is under attack right now.”

See the clip below:

One thing people in Florida can do is vote for Andrew Gillum tomorrow in the Democratic primary for governor. He is the first  candidate to come out against the Stand Your Ground law, and he is demanding gun reform. See Gillum’s tweet below on the horrific shooting:


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