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Aretha Franklin‘s funeral was Friday and the world is still talking about it—from the incredible performances by Fantasia and Jennifer Hudson to the disrespectful eulogy from Reverend Jasper Williams. However, Melania Trump is reportedly mortified that her racist husband was dragged to hell throughout the service.

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According to, a “close source” said, “Melania feels humiliated and embarrassed by the multiple Donald insults at the Aretha funeral. It makes Melania feel horrible that Donald is not welcome or invited to Aretha’s funeral as well as McCain’s funeral and then to hear about speakers making subtle jabs at her husband while speaking at Aretha’s funeral only makes things worse. Melania wishes more people liked her family and is constantly embarrassed by the public’s opinion of her husband and when people take shots at him and her family, it really stings.”

The source claims Melania is begging 45 to not be such a hateful person, and Radar reports, “Melania is constantly pleading with Donald to choose his words more carefully and tone it down when speaking in public, to the press or even in private. From the first time Melania heard what Donald said to Billy Bush about grabbing women’s privates to the President’s daily wild tweets, Melania is constantly monitoring, watching and dreading every word her husband speaks or tweets.”

Melania gets no sympathy from us. She is an accomplice to his hate, cosigned the birther movement and has repeatedly made excuses for him. Melania knew exactly who she was marrying.

In case you missed it, in one of the glorious moments of Trump being dragged, Rev. Al Sharpton said, “When word went out that Ms. Franklin passed, Trump said, ‘She used to work for me.’ No, she used to perform for you. She worked for us. Aretha never took orders from nobody but God!”


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