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Like no other presidential candidate in history, Donald Trump showed us exactly who he was during his hateful and divisive campaign. From attacking everyone from gold star families to the late John McCain to the “grab them by the p***y” scandal — but some women still decided to vote for Trump.

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In a CNN sit down with female Trump supporters, there were regrets expressed about their vote. A panelist named Ally Bross said, “It starts with talking about women’s face lifts, I think. It’s disrespectful. I think the majority of women, I don’t think that they see him as a respectful pro-woman kind of man, especially people my age. In my age demographic, it’s a huge deal that he is not supportive of easily accessible women’s healthcare in terms of Planned Parenthood.”

Another panelist named Annie Anthony said, “My fear with President Trump is that his extramarital affairs will make it more of a norm, that the children will think this is acceptable behavior and it’s not — it’s hurtful behavior.”

The only Black woman on the panel claimed she will still vote for Trump. The Latina on the panel said she voted for him because of her Christianity—which is illogical.

Trump’s immoral behavior was well known before the election. What world were they living in? Furthermore, everyone was warned about Trump, so how could there be any shock or regret?

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