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Two police officers in Maryland were shot by a resident in his own home after they forced their way into the wrong apartment while trying to serve a search warrant, according to a new report. The episode on Wednesday night in suburban Washington was eerily reminiscent of another earlier this month when an off-duty officer in Texas shot and killed a resident in his own home because she said she confused it with her own apartment.

A team of officers from the Prince George’s County’s Police Department were reportedly tipped off that a drug dealer lived in the District Heights apartment they targeted, NBC Washington reported Thursday afternoon. But they weren’t expecting an innocent, armed father to be inside protecting his children.

“A law-abiding, hard-working citizen and his daughter were home at the point where we began to execute that search warrant,” Prince George’s (PG) County Police Chief Hank Stawinsky said Thursday.

Much like in Dallas earlier this month, when Officer Amber Guyger entered Botham Jean‘s apartment and shot him to death, Wednesday’s shooting in Maryland could have easily been avoided had police been completely aware. Instead, it would appear that PG police, much like Guyger, did not do its due diligence.

However, most importantly, unlike in Dallas, no one died from the police’s clear and apparent blunder even though the unidentified father fired off a single blast from his shotgun, hitting both officers, one in the shoulder and the other in the hand. A separate officer fired back, but the father wasn’t hit.

Residents in Maryland and Texas are legally, and lethally if need be, allowed to protect themselves during home invasions. As a result, no charges were expected to be filed in the Maryland shooting.

Fallout over the Sept. 13 shooting in Dallas was going into its second week on Thursday. Guyger was arrested and charged with manslaughter, but she wasn’t fired from the police department. The Dallas police chief said she was “prohibited” from firing Guyger, adding fuel to the fire that there was a suspected cover-up underway in an effort to protect the homicidal officer.

Meanwhile, the powers that be seemed to be hard at work to assassinate Jean’s character after Guyger killed him, feeling the need to report that marijuana was found in his home even though that fact remained completely irrelevant.

An investigation was reportedly ongoing, but it was unclear exactly what needed to be investigated when the facts were so clearly laid out: Guyger entered a home that was not hers and shot and killed the innocent resident inside.


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