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U.S. Rep. Ron DeSantis, the GOP’s Florida governor nominee, denied connections to a racist once again. DeSantis distanced himself from a donor who called President Barack Obama the N-word, but the candidate will likely keep the campaign funds.

NewsOne did not receive an immediate response Thursday from DeSantis’ campaign on whether the more than $20,000 from Steven A. Alembik was given back.

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Alembik, a 67-year-old self-employed data and email services provider, tweeted on Wednesday that the former president is a “F—KING MUSLIM N—ER,” Politico reported.

He wrote the slur in response to a Republican National Committee tweet disparaging Obama for criticizing the GOP.

“We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again: we adamantly denounce this sort of disgusting rhetoric,” DeSantis campaign spokesman Stephen Lawson said in a written statement, according to Politico.

But it’s unclear whether the campaign continued to hold on to Alembik’s contributions to DeSantis, which totaled $22,920 over the years.

It didn’t take long for the Trump-backed nominee to fire off a racist attack against Andrew Gillum, Florida’s first Black nominee for governor. DeSantis warned Florida voters in a TV interview not to “monkey this up” by electing Gillum.

DeSantis’ racist comment came less than 24 hours after the two candidates won their party’s nomination in the Aug. 28 Florida primary election.

The Republican nominee denied that his remark was racist but that’s hard to believe given his long history of associating with white supremacists.

After blowing his racist dog whistle in the televised interview, new details emerged about deep links between white nationalists and the congressman. He spoke four times at Freedom Center conferences organized by right-wing conservative David Horowitz, who has said Black people owe their freedom to whites who are the target of the nation’s “only serious race war,” according to the Washington Post.


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