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Unlike her husband, Kim Kardashian has been using her celebrity to fight against injustices in the criminal justice system. However, she is now being attacked by a district attorney who doesn’t want to see a simple request fulfilled.

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On October 7, Kardashian tweeted about Kevin Cooper, a man who is on death row for four murders in 1983. Cooper, now 60, claims he is innocent and was framed. He has been asking for a DNA test to prove he was not at the scene of the crime. Senators like Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) and Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) have also called for a DNA test. Being that he has used all of his judicial appeals, the only person who can issue the DNA test is California Governor Jerry Brown. Kardashian tweeted:

This clearly angered San Bernardino County D.A. Mike Ramos who attacked Kardashian via TMZ, saying, “It’s time that we start talking and ‘tweeting’ about the victims who were brutally murdered in the sanctity of their home.” He also said, “This latest attempt to free Kevin Cooper is nothing more than a red herring and another slap in the face of the victims and their family members who were forced to suffer a lifetime of pain.”

Ramos is absolutely right when it comes to talking about the victims, but we must make sure the right person is on death row. Why not give Cooper the DNA test he has been begging for? Maybe Ramos should spend less time babbling to TMZ and more time focusing on justice.

TMZ also reports Governor Brown saw Kardashian’s tweet but has “ignored” the request.


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