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Actress, speaker  and megachurch Priscilla Shirer went viral last week after a video surfaced of her saying, “I am not a Black woman, I’m a Christian woman who happens to be Black!” She is now apologizing.

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Shirer wrote on her Facebook page, “Within the framework of the entire message I was giving at the time, my only intention was to make the point that no aspect of life should ever define the believer MORE than our relationship w/ Christ.‬ I should have been more clear when I shared those unplanned sentiments a couple years ago.”

She continued, “Lord knows that I’m unbelievably proud to be a black woman. Always have been and always will be. My identification with the African American community – the struggles and the triumphs – is something that I value greatly. Those that know me well, or have followed my ministry over the past 2 decades, know that I would never intentionally do or say anything to distance myself from my heritage. The comments in the video could be viewed negatively out of context & moving forward I will be much more measured & calculated in my words in order to convey my stance with unmistakable accuracy.”

She also added, “It hurts my heart to know that I could have possibly offended some of my African American sisters & brothers. If I did, I hope you’ll receive this sincere apology & clarification in the spirit in which I am posting it. It is an honor to serve all of you – from every culture, background and denomination – in this generation. Pray for me. I’m always growing as I seek to serve the Lord well.”

In the video, which was viewed 7 million times, Shirer ranted, “I don’t want ‘Black,’ my race, to be the describing adjective, the defining adjective, as a woman. I am not a Black woman, I’m a Christian woman who happens to be Black!” She also said race should not “define”you. Easy for her to say as the state of Texas is dealing with the injustices of Botham Jean, O’shae Terry and Crytstal Mason. Nonetheless, she did apologize. Now maybe she can explain her affiliation with Evangelical Trump supporters like Dr. James Dobson and Congressman Mark Walker (R-NC). Also, saying in 2017 that Oprah  Winfrey “cannot explain Him way! She can’t do it!”

See the video below.


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