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Ben Carson is unqualified to be the secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). From his family’s alleged involvement to blocking Obama’s Small Area Fair Market Rent rule to a $31,000 dining room set — Mr. Carson reeks of incompetence. However, he is also unqualified to have any discussion about race, considering his only reply when confronted with Trump‘s racism is to defend 45, which just happened in a recent interview.

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While talking to Bloomberg News, Carson was asked about being the only African American serving in the President’s cabinet, “Do you talk about racial inequality with President Trump? Do you talk about diversity in the cabinet with President Trump?”

Carson responded, “Uh, we have talked about those we have talked about those things, but what President Trump — there really isn’t any Black or white. It’s all about green. He’s looking at how are we creating an environment that is beneficial for everybody. Rising tides floats all boats, this is the concept he believes in. If you look around you, you see it’s working. Black unemployment is at it’s lowest level historically. The parameters that you would want to see are actually working, we’re just not sort of pigeon-holing it into one group.”

When asked if he agrees with all of his rhetoric, he bizarrely answered, “I always say if two people agree about everything, one of them isn’t necessary.”

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How despicable that Carson still defends his racism. Sadly, many of the Black Trump supporters will only see he is racist when they are directly affected, Omarosa being a prime example.


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