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While Trump is calling Stacey Abrams unqualified, he is calling on one of the many unqualified people in his administration — Ben Carson — to tap dance in Florida. Yep, Carson, who has turned into a national embarrassment to the Black community, is actually campaigning against a Black man who could make history in Florida and advocating for an open racist.

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Mayor Andrew Gillum and the deplorable Ron DeSantis are in a dead heat for Florida governor. Former President Barack Obama is currently in the Sunshine State giving powerful speeches against fear-mongering and division. Palm Beach Post reports Carson is heading to Palm Beach, Flordia to make campaign stops in Palm Beach County for the Republican nominee for lieutenant governor, Jeanette Nunez. Geez, Carson isn’t even allowed to campaign with DeSantis directly, must have been direct order from Trump that Carson could only share the stage with one racist — him.

However, birds of a deplorable feather flock together. Nunez, who is Latina, is just as problematic. Back in March of 2016, she called Trump a con man and a KKK supporter, however, she deleted her tweet when she was selected to run with Ron DeSantis. Now she is advocating for 45. How disgusting that a person of color would support someone who she called a supporter of the KKK just to attempt to get in office. She has also attacked Gillum for being her version of a “socialist.”

Ben Carson campaigning for DeSantis and Nunez will do nothing but encourage Black folks to get out and vote for Gillum. See a clip from an epic speech from Obama for Gillum.


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