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While certain Americans whine about gun control, the way in which guns affect the lives of their countrymen is rarely discussed. A new study shows the life expectancy of Americans are decreasing due to guns, and Black Americans are most affected.

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The academic study shows “guns caused the life expectancy of Black Americans to drop by more than four years from 2000 to 2016, twice as much as the decline in life expectancy of white Americans during the same period.” The study used data gathered by the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention.

The study stated, “The overall life expectancy loss is twice as high among Blacks compared with whites and is driven by substantially higher homicide rates among Blacks up to age 20. This divergent race-specific life expectancy loss by age is in line with current evidence that suggests vast race differences in the years of life lost due to firearms before age 65 years.”

It continued, “Our finding that the life expectancy loss related to suicides among whites does not offset the loss among Blacks is indicative of persisting disparities in homicide among younger age groups.”

The authors of the study also added that “in the absence of comprehensive firearm legislation, targeted prevention programs and policies are needed to mitigate the racial firearm injury gaps in the USA.”

Clearly, lack of proper firearm legislation is not only an issue when it comes to mass shooting, but an issue for Black neighborhoods, which the NRA couldn’t give a damn about.

This is America.


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