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Mia Love was still complaining over her rightfully lost seat in Congress, and now she is on a full-blown press tour. The Church of Latter Days Saints member, a group that didn’t accept Black members until 1978, went on “The View” Friday morning to whine about Trump and Democrats.

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Sitting down with “The View” ladies, she said she was not in “lockstep” with Trump, which is bizarre considering she voted with him 95.7 percent of the time. Love babbled, “I thought we had a good working relationship. I didn’t think that I was just completely supposed to walk in lockstep — that wasn’t my job.”

Then, Sunny Hostin brought up the longstanding history of racism in the Republican party and our current president, asking how Love could not know about the clear bigotry. Instead of addressing the racism by her own party, Love pivoted to Democrats.

“We’re not going to let Democrats off the hook because I was actually targeted by Democrats,” Love said. “I need to say this. They targeted me because I was a – because I am a Black female Republican. And they replaced me with a middle-aged white male in the state of Utah.”

Sunny shadily added, “Well, the voters did.”

Love, who claimed Democrats tried to get rid of diversity by getting rid of her, clearly, isn’t aware that all skinfolk are not kinfolk and she doesn’t get a pass for upholding a racist president simply because she is Black.

Love also strangely Republican-splained that Trump referring to Haiti as a “shithole country” was about “American issues,” not race.

Watch below:

Mia Love needs to go far, far away. She can call out racism among Democrats simply because they campaigned against her, but won’t call her president racist even after he mocked her on national television.

What a disgrace.


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