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Mia Love lost her Congressional seat fair and square and ever since she has been whining that it’s all Democrats faults. In addition, she suddenly realized Trump is trash. It’s fascinating how Black Trump supporters only stop supporting him after they get the boot.

Nonetheless, Love now has a chance to show her true color. After blasting Trump for weeks, her needs her to vote for an atrocious spending bill. Will she?

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According to The Hill, “House Republicans are struggling to come up with a strategy to fulfill President Trump’s demand that the lower chamber pass a funding bill that includes $5 billion for his promised border wall.” New York Magazine reported, “In a close vote, Trump needs every Republican he can get to support the unpopular border wall demand. So it’s now looking like he wasn’t being terribly shrewd on the day after the midterms when he mocked five not-so-lame-duck House members as stone losers for failing to snuggle up to him on the campaign trail.”

Every Republican includes Mia Love because she is still in office until January.

Mia Love has the power to stop this despicable spending bill, but will she? The Church of Latter Days Saints member, a group that didn’t accept Black members until 1978,  voted with him 95.7 percent of the time.

More than likely, she will probably side with Republicans. Last week on “The View” when Sunny Hostin brought up the longstanding history of racism in the Republican party and our current president, she instead pivoted to Democrats. “We’re not going to let Democrats off the hook because I was actually targeted by Democrats,” Love said. “I need to say this. They targeted me because I was a – because I am a Black female Republican. And they replaced me with a middle-aged white male in the state of Utah.”

Sunny corrected, “Well, the voters did.”

Even though Mia Love was disrespected by Trump, don’t be shocked if she still supports him.


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