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The viral video showing 23-year-old Jazmine Headley having her baby pulled from her at a government food stamp center outraged the country. Brooklyn Defender Services managed to get all charges dropped against her but now the NYPD is trying to blame her for their unnecessary actions.

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According to the New York Post, an internal review by the NYPD claims Headley was  “disorderly,” “loud,” “irate” and used her baby as a “shield.” Headley reportedly got into a spat with the HRA (Human Resources Administration) officers “because she was sitting on the floor of the center with her 17-month-old son, Damone Buckman III, because there were no chairs available.”

They told her she couldn’t sit on the floor, who had allegedly been standing for hours, and “Headley’s child was also still in his stroller when the incident sparked and that she only picked him up after NYPD cops arrived, the statements say. She began to use her baby as a shield from getting arrested and was telling the officers, ‘You better not touch me,’ one report states.”

They also accuse of Headly of refusing to comply when they asked her to get off the floor, saying, “I’m not f–king moving from here.”

The report then accuses Headley of kicking and biting a police officer. According to the NYPD, an HRA officer stated, “The officers were careful while handling her not to harm the baby. The female client was the one putting him in a tight hold, grabbing his clothes and even wrapped her legs around his body so that he couldn’t be detached from her. The female officers grabbed her arm in order to cuff her but the female client kept pulling away to keep a grip on the bay. Additional NYPD officers were called to the scene. As soon as they arrived the baby was released from the female client and she was arrested and escorted out of the facility.”

This statement contradicts HRA chief Steve Banks who apologized to Headley yesterday by saying, “On behalf of our agency and our dedicated front-line staff in all five boroughs, I apologize to Jazmine Headley and her one-year-old son and to the people of the City of New York for the actions that were taken that day.”

How sad the NYPD is still trying to blame the victim.

See the original video below:


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