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Anti-Blackness is a global issue and far from limited to United States citizens. Chinese national Yukai Yang, a former student at Lehigh University, is a prime example of that.

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Yukai Yang, 22, who majored in chemistry, was apparently poisoning Juwan Royal, also 22, with Thallium, a toxic metal that is colorless, odorless, tasteless and can kill you if consumed, according to reports. The two were college roommates.

The poisoning began in February.

“Yang allegedly mixed the chemicals into his roommate’s food, drinks and mouthwash, “NBC News reported. “Royal became ill multiple times in March and his symptoms, which included dizziness, shaking and vomiting, became progressively worse, Morganelli said. Royal’s blood tested positive for the chemical and he was treated for thallium poisoning.”

In May, Yang was asked about his roommate being ill because “he was separately charged with ethnic intimidation, institutional vandalism and criminal mischief for allegedly scrawling a racial epithet on a desk in their room.” In April, Yang allegedly wrote “[N-word] get out of here” in their dorm room. Clearly, Yang, had a deep, violent hatred toward his Black roommate.

Yang claimed he purchased Thallium to hurt himself if he did not do well on exams. Instead, he used the poison on Juwan. On Thursday, Yang finally turned himself in and was charged with attempted homicide, aggravated assault, simple assault and reckless endangerment.

What is extremely disturbing is that Royal had no idea Yang would go this far.

“Initially, Mr. Royal was as dumbfounded by this as everyone else, because he believed they had a fairly cordial relationship as roommates,” Assistant District Attorney Abe Kassis said.

Juwan Royal is reportedly still enduring side effects of being poisoned.


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