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Back on Dec. 1, a Dallas grand jury returned an indictment to charge former police officer Amber Guyger with murder for killing Botham Jean in his own apartment on September 6. While this is a good step, a conviction is most important—yet there are more suspicions that 30-year-old Guyger is being protected by the city. An incident report about the shooting was released, but details about Guyger were blacked out.

READ MORE: A Disturbing Timeline Of Amber Guyger Killing Botham Jean In His Own Home reported, Dallas recently released an “extremely small portion of the Botham Jean incident report after an open records request from FOX4.” Incident reports are usually detailed, however, “in this case, all but the first four sentences, which contain basic information, are blacked out.”

Outside of the offense being listed as manslaughter, the majority of the other details were blacked out, including if Guyger was under the influence of alcohol or drugs. also reports, “The Texas Attorney General’s office concluded releasing the information at issue would interfere with the prosecution of a crime.”

The city of Dallas has been accused of trying to protect Guyger, and this vague incident report continues to raise more questions.

In addition, another officer is being protected. says Officer Jared Waddle used pepper-ball against protesters. According to department records, the officer “technically shouldn’t have been able to use a PepperBall gun.” However,  officials found, in their preliminary report, that the cop “used the gun in a way that was ‘consistent’ with the department’s general orders.”

Guyger is still on the streets. After being charged with murder, she subsequently was booked into the Mesquite Jail on Friday before being released quickly on a $200,000 bond. Her lawyer, Robert Rogers, claimed there was “political pressure” to bring a murder indictment that he said was not warranted.

Allison Jean, Botham’s mother, said on Dec. 1 she was pleased with the murder indictment and Guyger “inflicted tremendous evil on my son.”

On the night of Sept. 6, Guyger claimed that following a long day on the job, she implausibly mistook his apartment for her own and, after ordering Jean not to move, shot him twice. Her story was greeted by doubt because of a number of factors, especially her assertion that Jean’s door was ajar. Videos posted on social media by neighbors appeared to show that apartment doors in the building shut automatically, which seemed to indicate that Guyger was lying.

We hope Botham Jean receives justice.


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