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Kierra Nabors’ son attends Cherokee Middle School in Springfield, Missouri. The eighth grader has been bullied by a student photo-shopping an image of him as a slave. Sadly, it appears the student has barely been punished. Nabors is now speaking out.

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According to KY3 News, the image circulated on Instagram with the caption “slave branding.” Nabors told the outlet, “I’m not shocked, I’m disgusted, but I’m not shocked.” She continued, “He’s in a hostile environment right now and yeah, I feel like my hands are tied.”

Nabors has not been made aware of what the punishment was for the student, but she says her son still sees him at school everyday. “He wasn’t expelled. Isaiah still sees him at school. He’s still there, so how is that zero tolerance? To me, he got a slap on the hand… I would like for him to be able to go to school and not have to worry about what is going to happen to me next!”

The school claims the racist student was punished, but they can’t say what the punishment was. Springfield Public Schools told Chief Communications Officer Stephen Hall, “The administrator would meet with the student and parent or guardian and deal with that situation and establish discipline which would include in-school suspension up to out-of- school suspension, and it can include up to three days of out-of-school suspension according to our handbook… If students are participating in that type of behavior, we will investigate it and make sure that that activity ceases and that is what has happened in this case.”

If the student is still walking the halls, clearly he wasn’t punished enough. How disgusting the school would fail their own pupil.


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