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Chrisette Michele‘s career was ruined after she decided to perform at Donald Trump’s inauguration. Now, she is speaking out in a new feature with the Washington Post. The singer is doing all she can to get her career back.

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Michele is now singing to empty audiences, her music is not played on the radio and lost an album distribution deal. In The Post, she says her fans, former collaborators and even her husband told her not to sing at the inauguration but she “believed the performance would be an opportunity to ‘be a bridge’ in a fractured nation.”

She says, “While I felt like people took so much away from me in those two years, I’m more grateful for finally having time to look at the last 12 and I think that is the bright side. … I want people to know that it’s okay to expect more from me.”

Michele was paid $75,000 to perform for 5 minutes and never met Trump or shook his hand. The 36-year-old also understands why people called her a sell out, “People didn’t feel hopeful from that moment. They didn’t feel represented in that moment. They felt misrepresented. They felt further misunderstood, and they felt the person they were depending on to speak on their behalf just betrayed them.”

At the time of the controversy, Michelle wrote on social media, “We cannot be present if we are silent.” She goes on for the next few lines saying she cries at the thought that Black History might now be in vain, and says she is willing to take the “stones” being thrown at her for her decision. She also quoted Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. before saying she is “representing you because this is what matters. “

Spike Lee famously weighed in on Instagram, saying that he was considering using Michele’s “Black Girl Magic” song for his new Netflix project, a reboot of “She’s Got To Have It.” But alas, no more.

He wrote in part, “I wuz thinkin’ ’bout using Chrisette’s song BLACK GIRL MAGIC in my Netflix series, She’s Gotta Have It … Not anymore.”

We’ll see if Chrisette Michele will regain the career she once had.


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