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Donald Trump didn’t just sexually assault a former senior campaign staffer in 2016, as a new lawsuit alleged. The then-presidential candidate’s campaign also racially discriminated against Alva Johnson, a Black woman, according to the lawsuit filed Monday morning in a Florida District Court.

“Not only did Ms. Johnson endure forcible kissing by her boss, she experienced race and gender discrimination as one of the few females and one of only a handful of African American people on the Campaign payroll,” the lawsuit stated. “Ms. Johnson was paid less than white employees, including both staff with similar duties and lower-ranked staff.”

Trump did not immediately respond to Johnson’s allegations, preferring to tweet lies about everybody from Spike Lee to former Nevada Sen. Harry Reid, who was dying of pancreatic cancer.

The lawsuit described Johnson as “a senior staffer for his presidential campaign” and “an integral part of the Campaign’s success and was repeatedly recognized for her contributions. She was the Campaign’s Director of Outreach and Coalitions for the state of Alabama, and because of her success, was chosen to serve as a member of the exclusive National Strike Team and as Operations Administrative Director for the battleground state of Florida during the general election.”

Johnson lawsuit said Trump “forcibly kissed” her “on the lips without her consent in the middle of a Florida work event and in front of numerous other Campaign officials.” The lawsuit was filed in A District Court in Florida.

In addition, the lawsuit cited the infamous “Access Hollywood” tapes that surfaced during the campaign and featured Trump bragging about forcing himself on women. “You know I’m automatically attracted to beautiful – I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything,” the lawsuit quoted Trump to establish his admitted pattern of sexually assaulting women.

The lawsuit said Johnson sued Trump to hold him “accountable for his sexually predatory conduct.” A Justice Department report defines sexual assault as “a crime. It includes unwanted touching, kissing, grabbing and rape.”

Aside from the sexual assaults that Trump has admitted to committing, he, of course, has a history of racial discrimination, as well.

“In fact, the very first time that Trump appeared in the pages of the New York Times, back in the 1970s, was when the US Department of Justice sued him for racial discrimination,” Vox reminded readers in a recently updated story about the president’s “long history of racism.”


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