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A Virginia-based father-son duo is on a mission to empower the Black community to generate wealth. Entrepreneurs Kevon L. Chisolm and his 11-year-old son Kamari launched an investment consulting company that promotes Black economic empowerment, Black News reported.

The company—dubbed Black WallStreeter Consultation Services—was created as an avenue to educate individuals about the importance of financial literacy and provide them with the tools and resources to reach their monetary goals. Aside from providing consulting services and informative workshops, the company will cultivate community by establishing investment clubs where people can pool money to make lucrative investments.

Chisolm has extensive experience in the wealth management industry. He’s served at the helm of an investment firm called Umoja Investments for over a decade. Chisolm also penned a book titled Financial Legacy: Building Wealth Through Investment Clubs. He says that through the platform he and his son created he hopes to educate and empower the Black community to make smart decisions when it comes to money so that they can alleviate financial burdens.

“When we created Black WallStreeter Consultation Services, we wanted to address a few main concerns individuals have about their financial wellness,” said Chisolm in a statement. “For example, many of our clients are unsure of how to pay for college tuition, save for retirement, buy a new home or start a new business. An investment club is the ultimate opportunity to increase personal financial goals and ease financial worries.”

Chisolm and his son believe that it’s never too early to start learning about financial wellness and encourage kids as young as 8-years-old to attend the seminars so they can take solid financial values with them when they step into adulthood.

The father and son aren’t the only ones spreading awareness about financial literacy within the Black community. NFL player Brandon Copeland is leading a class at the University of Pennsylvania about how to manage finances.


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