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Folks went to Twitter Wednesday to vent frustration that Facebook, the world’s largest social media network, was down.

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The widespread outages began Wednesday afternoon and impacted people around the world, including the United States, Central and South America, and Europe, CNN reported, based on tweets and the outage-tracking site

Loss of service was not limited to Facebook. The outages spread to other social media platforms that are owned by the tech giant, such as Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger.

Users reported a number of problems, ranging from not being unable to load the site to not being able to post comments and images. Some Facebook users decided to post screenshots on Twitter showing the error messages they received when trying to load the app. When attempting to load the site, some users got a message saying “Account Temporarily Unavailable.”

Facebook acknowledged the problem.

Some people expressed their concerns in response to the situation.

“The fact that billions of people across the planet cannot contact their friends and family right now because Facebook, Facebook Messenger, and even WhatsApp are all facing technical issues is yet another good reason why the FB monopoly should be broken up,” one person tweeted.

Facebook also said that the crash was not due to a DDoS attack — in which hackers overwhelm a website’s servers with fake traffic and cause it to crash.

The social media giant, which earns income in part from selling ads, was also having issues with its ad products. Technical issues with Facebook have historically posed serious problems for advertisers who use the platform.

Here’s how Facebook users responded to the outage on Twitter.