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The budding legal marijuana business is in many ways a unique industry. But in more ways, it’s largely the same as most others: predominately white and male. That means that Black women are probably the least likely to enter it, let alone succeed.

However, things are changing, slowly but surely.

Perhaps if more Black folks pooled their financial resources together — something that Mary & Main medical marijuana dispensary founder and owner Hope Wiseman calls “group economics” — they could become more successful in the legal weed game.

“It’s a very sophisticated industry,” Wiseman said. “I don’t think a lot of people think that,” she added while citing the black market that marijuana has been known for.

Wiseman gave some really good tips and advice for breaking down the barriers that Black women in particular face trying to enter into the cannabis industry. Watch her speak words of weed wisdom in Part 1 of this installment of The One Story.

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