Three words for Rep. Pete Sessions: Just say no.


A growing number of HBCUs are establishing programs to fight against the whitewashing of the cannabis industry and preparing their students to reap the benefits of working in this new and growing economy.

Nikki Fried believes DeSantis' new medical marijuana licensing rule will increase the application fees for protected black farmers by more than double the cost.

The Olympics hasn't even started yet, and its anti-blackness is on full display.

Under pressure to resign over a series of mounting scandals, Democratic governors in California and New York are making promises that critics say are only coming now in an effort to generate some positive press amid mounting scandals.


Moving quickly on recently passed legislation, New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy signed bills legalizing and regulating the sale of marijuana and decriminalizing possession of small amounts of marijuana.

Though many have agreed that the new bill to legalize recreational use of weed in Illinois is very progressive, potential Black cannabis entrepreneurs said they still believe they have not been getting heard.

The budding legal marijuana business is in many ways a unique industry. But in more ways, it’s largely the same as most others: predominately white and male. That means that Black women are probably the least likely to enter it, let alone succeed.

The One Story

A growing number of African-American women have become pioneers in the country’s burgeoning cannabis industry.

A new, easily accessible drug that high school kids call “legal marijuana” is raising alarm with parents across the nation. The drug, popularly known as Spice or K-2, is a concoction of powerful chemicals sprayed on dry leaves or incenses that is being sold to underage kids at shopping malls, convenient stores and even on […]