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If nothing else, Bill Cosby is persistent.

The disgraced comedian hasn’t given up fighting to get released from prison after he was convicted and sentenced in October to three to 10 years in prison for aggravated indecent sexual assault. However, he got shut down again on his latest attempt, according to the New York Times.

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“A Pennsylvania appeals court on Monday rejected Bill Cosby’s request to be released on bail while he tries to overturn his conviction for sexual assault,” The Times wrote.

The Superior Court gave no explanation for its decision, but Penn Live reported that Cosby has accused the trial judge, Montgomery County Judge Steven T. O’Neill of “racial hatred.”

The complaints about O’Neill go back to October when the Los Angeles Sentinel reported that in a court filing, “Former Montgomery County District Attorney Bruce Castor confirmed that the civil depositions used to convict Bill Cosby should never have been used at all and the comedian agreed to waive his Fifth Amendment rights and sit for the queries knowing that the documents would always be kept private.” Castor was not allowed to testify at Cosby’s trial.

Castor claimed there is a feud between himself and O’Neill, who presided over Cosby’s two trials. Allegedly, this feud is due to O’Neill having an affair with a “female Assistant District Attorney employed by the Montgomery County District Attorney.” In 1999, Castor claims he was accused of running a smear campaign against O’Neill, they were both running for the Republican nomination for the position of Montgomery County District Attorney. The woman who O’Neill was having an affair with showed up at one of their debates, which O’Neill claimed was set up by Castor, which he has denied.

“O’Neill ruled that Castor couldn’t testify on behalf of Cosby because the judge claimed the former DA was ‘not credible,’ Castor said he viewed that as an attempt to hurt him publicly and it was a measure of political and professional payback,” the Los Angeles Sentinel also reported.

At the time, Camille Cosby released the following statement about O’Neill: “Before being sentenced for a crime he did not commit, Bill Cosby filed a motion demanding that Judge O’Neill provide a full accounting of his longstanding feud with and bias against Bruce Castor.”

The statement continued, “The motion explained that Mr. Cosby, after the feud was disclosed in an unsourced tabloid article, retained a former FBI agent to investigate the judge. The former agent discovered that there was in fact a longstanding feud between the two that dated back to a 1999 political campaign for DA. … The judge’s self-serving order, preventing as it did the testimony of Mr. Castor, successfully kept the truth from being disclosed not only in his courtroom but also in the court of public opinion.”

Cosby has maintained his innocence.


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Bill Cosby Gets Sentenced For His Sexual Assault Conviction
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