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For any Black folks who work in media, you know the struggle of getting access to celebrities — even other Black celebrities. In press rooms or red carpets there are usually only one or two Black reporters and they are pushed all the way in back. Thankfully, Oscar winner Halle Berry refused to ignore Black reporters and she is getting some rightful love for it.

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On the red carpet for “John Wick 3” there were only two Black reporters, according to Emerald Marie from @Whereisthebuzz. She was trying to get the attention of Halle Berry for only a few seconds and was told by a publicist that she was just too busy. However, when the ageless 52-year-old saw the only two Black reporters, Marie says she said, “I can’t skip my brother and sister.” Halle walked right past the publicist and walled over to do the interviews.

Watch an emotional Emerald Marie tell the story below:

Berry has gotten tons of love for the gesture. SiriusXM host Clay Cane wrote, “Great to see show love to the Black reporters. When I worked red carpets, there’d be 2 Black outlets (ALLLL the way in the back, we called it the colored section) & you’re ignored by people who look like you. This happened more often than not.”

Writer and commentator Jemele Hill wrote, “Bravo to for stopping to speak to 1 of 2 black reporters covering this event. Memo to black celebs: Question any publicist or rep that doesn’t include black journalists/media in the coverage plan.”

She also tweeted, “Can’t complain that our stories aren’t told or accurately covered if you’re forever giving interviews to mainstream outlets who don’t know about your career, or why you resonate with your community… Besides, most of these outlets have little to no representation and if you’re constantly rewarding them with interviews — especially once you really blow up — then they have no incentive to hire black journalists. That’s it. Those are the tweets.”

Well said.

Shout out to the legendary Halle Berry. “John Wick 3” is in theaters tomorrow.


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