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Edrick Truitt nearly lost his life when he was pulled over by a white cop who had a gun to his face in Helena-West Helena, Arkansas. Thankfully, Truitt didn’t end up being a tragedy but the chilling moment was caught on tape.

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The cell phone video shows an officer tell Truitt to turn off his car but when moves his hands, the officer yells to the other officers, “He’s got a gun!”

“Where?” Truitt shouts back.

“Shut the car off!” the officer screams. The officer is aggressively pointing a gun at that man and his finger appears to be on the trigger.

“My hands are in the air,” Truitt repeatedly says. “I ain’t moving my hands. He trying to shoot me.” See the video below:

Truitt told WREG about the incident that he “Played it safe” and “He was like, ‘That’s a failure to comply,’ but if I would have complied, I would have got killed.” Truitt did say he had a gun in the car but it was legal and out-of-reach of the cop.

“What I did saved my life,” Truitt said. “That’s why I’m here talking to y’all. If not, y’all would be covering a story about how I got shot.” However, Truitt was arrested for loitering and disregarding an official order.

Reportedly, the officer pulled him over because as he was driving out of a parking lot, a car cut in front of him and he hit his brakes. You could hear the officer on the video saying, “You could’ve just drove off.”

The police department has not released the cop’s name. WREG also reports, “The police department is in the process of checking body cameras and getting statements from the officers involved. If policy violations are found, those will be handled, according to the police chief.”

We are happy Edrick Truitt is safe and was not killed. He clearly saved his own life. Watch the news clip below:


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