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The cookout is an ongoing conversation. Many people are banned for life — especially if you were ever associated with the Trump administration — and some folks are not only at the cookout, but they are behind the grill. Ultimately, being invited to the cookout means are you sincerely supportive of the culture. Well, a video of white woman lip-synching for her life to a Cardi B’s massive hit song “Money” and people are actually asking if she gets an invite.

Wow. Cookout criteria has gone downhill.

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Here’s how it all began. A Twitter user named @peopleofmemphis wrote, “Yeah…she invited to the BBQ.” See below:

Well, folks were feeling it. One user wrote, “Nah ima be real. Me, my cousins, and friends done dipped out with 4 extra plates each covered in luminum foil. We making sure she ain’t getting none.”

Another user also broke it down, “Exactly this doesn’t get them invited it gets them blocked cause we don’t even do this type of shit lol. I mean it’s good that she can imitate it but what is she contributing to this cookout lol.”

And let’s not forget the seasoning, “You want her at the bbq so bad but are you going to let her season the meat too ?”

@PeopleofMemphis tried to defend himself by writing, SHID WHAT BBQ YOU BEEN TO? MY AUNTIE GONE MAKE YOU A PLATE IF YOU HUNGRY.”

And, as writer Yesha Callahan said, “So all it takes now is lip-syncing?”

Sorry @peopleofmemphis, the committee has spoken and she isn’t even getting invited to the parking lot. Let’s save the cookout invite for folks who are adding to the culture — and this woman ain’t it.


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