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All-time great actor Tom Hanks has singlehandedly redefined what it means for a white person to have a black card. At the same time, comedian Tim Allen showed he has quite a ways to go to achieve the same social status that will get someone invited to the cookout every time.

In an amazing viral video making the rounds on social media Wednesday morning, Global Grind’s Xilla Valentine is shown interviewing the stars of the new movie “Toy Story 4,” which the duo has been out promoting. Xilla told Hanks that when he searched for the actor’s name on YouTube, “the first thing that comes up is Black Jeopardy.” That was a reference to the hilarious SNL skit where Hanks plays a contestant named Doug who wears a Make America Great Again hat while competing against two Black people.

Because that clip had more than 41 million views, Xilla said he wanted to play a little game “to see if you have a Black card.” (For the uninitiated, a Black card is not a credit card. Instead, it is a premise loosely based on African American stereotypes that, if wielded correctly, will theoretically guarantee an open embrace from Black folks.

“I feel like you guys both have Black cards,” Xilla says in earnest.

With that, Xilla threw out an imaginary scenario surrounding Spades, the card game that is heavily associated with Black people where the Spades suit reigns supreme.

Hanks immediately knew what Xilla was talking about and responded quickly with the correct answer. “I go deep, baby!” Hanks says, arms crossed on his chest in an apparent display of pride for knowing the answer.

But Allen, on the other hand, admitted he was clueless and began acting like he was uncomfortable.

“I don’t know what you guys are talking about,” Allen confessed matter of factly as Xilla can be heard giggling in the background. “

“You don’t know how to play Spades??” Hanks asks Allen in disbelief.

“I’m gonna say I do just so we can move on,” Allen said with a straight face.

That prompted an animated Hanks to go on and flex more of his Black card muscle by adding that he used to play “whist” (also known as “Bid Whist”) while he was in Oakland, a decidedly Black city.

“Should I get a cup of coffee or something,” Allen asks helplessly.

The contrast between the two was straight comedy.

Watch the hilarious clip below.


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