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Fox News is home to some of the most biased spins on current events known to man, which explains why Candace Owens refuses to appear on any other news network. But it was curious to see scholar and activist Dr. Cornel West on the propaganda channel’s hateful Laura Ingraham show Tuesday night. Nonetheless, the unlikely trio proceeded to “debate,” if you want to call it that, with Owens showing why she probably should have stayed in college to learn a bit more about American history, especially slavery.

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Owens’ favorite talking point is that Democrats are destroying the Black community because of welfare policies, which is bizarre considering white people are welfare’s primary recipients. The 30-year-old cited presidential candidate Bernie Sanders while debating the topic with West.

“He’s talking about socialism, and we know that that is something that has…absolutely destroyed and decimated the Black community,” she said. “Socialist policies like in terms of the welfare.”

West disagreed.

“I would argue that welfare…was not socialist, it was an attempt to intervene given the failure of capitalism to provide jobs or a living wage for people. It was not socialistic at all,” the Harvard Divinity School professor said. “That’s not socialism.”

That prompted Owens to spit out the following uninformed gem.

“One hundred years after slavery, the Black community was doing better,” she insisted. “We were going up, up, up. Then, suddenly, they socialized our community via welfare policies and the Black community started going down, down, down and you’re sitting here supporting a candidate who is advocating for making that on a larger scale. He’s saying we’re not just going to do it to the Black community, we’re going to do it to every community in America.”

Owens clearly knows nothing about the end of Reconstruction, Jim Crow, not being able to vote, redlining and endless policies that were designed to destroy Black communities.

Owens insisted that West must bow down to President Donald Trump, prompting West to give an impromptu history lesson.

“The very fact that you have been able to aspire and achieve the level that you have based on the struggle of those who came before, from W. E. B du Bois, from Ida B. Wells, to Frederick Douglass,” he told Owens. “They were not concerned with isms, they were concerned with justice and fairness,. Now, du Bois was a socialist, but…he wasn’t pro welfare, so you got to get your history right, my dear sister…Bernie Sanders is part of that legacy, sister Candace, that’s what I’m trying to get you to see.”

But Owens didn’t want to hear about history.

“We’re talking about Bernie Sanders. We don’t have to talk about history,” she said, clearly outmatched. “We’re talking about [the] present. We’re talking about Bernie Sanders and what he’s offering to the Black community, which is awful.”

West parted with some more words of wisdom for someone who sorely needs some.

“It’s about fairness, jobs with a living wage, it has to do with workers controlling [in] some sense at the workplace,” he said. “We’ve got to quit spreading these lies, quit spreading these lies about what socialism is, I’m telling you.”

Watch the disturbing clip below.

If you didn’t know, the woman who apparently inspired the New Zealand terrorist dropped out of the University of Rhode Island during her junior year. “She dropped out of the University of Rhode Island in her junior year, and went on to educate herself,” reported last year. “She read works by Ann Coulter, Milo Yiannopoulos, Ben Carson and Thomas Sowell.”

While there is nothing wrong with not going to college, there is something wrong with constantly insulting the intelligence level of educated people who learned what she didn’t while they were in college.


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