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As we’ve all seen countless times in recent years, and throughout history, it apparently doesn’t take much to stoke the implicitly biased fears of police officers. In fact, many times, it doesn’t take anything at all for police to be trigger-happy at the mere sight of a Black male. 

Such was the case for Philando Castile, the Black man who was gunned down in front of his child while his girlfriend streamed the shooting live on Facebook in 2016. His high-profile death saturated the news cycle, something that likely helped prompt parents to have a fresh round of “the talk” with their kids.

And while the use of social media did not result in any justice for Castile’s killing, it did provide parents with an opportunity to inform their kids about their legal rights when it came to filming police encounters — the technological branch of “the talk.” That then paves the way for a larger conversation about other civil rights they should be aware of — unlawful stops and racial profiling, for example — during a number of different scenarios that have proven perilous for innocent Black boys and men.

This video touches on all of the above and more.

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