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The driving factor behind “the talk” is undoubtedly the fear that many Black parents have for their kids regardless of socioeconomic status. The threat of children not returning home one day because a chance encounter with law enforcement ended in death is a very real one. It is one that is rooted in the fear of all of the above and then some.

But that same fear can potentially mentally cripple the young mind being exposed to such harsh realities. The weight of balancing a classic carefree childhood with the fear of real-life situations can be a lot to handle.

Likewise, law enforcement possesses its own apparent fear that empowers them to shoot first and ask questions last when it comes to a Black suspect, whether innocent or not. The go-to defense for cops who kill unarmed Black boys and men has seemingly been that the officers feared for their lives. But on the flip side, ironically, it is that same fear by police that manifests itself in Black people fearing the police.

It’s enough to make one wonder if that cycle can ever be broken.

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