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Running down the list of what a Black person should and should not do when in the company of a police officer is simply one aspect of the multi-faceted talk that is typically tailor-made for the person on the receiving end of it. 

And while “the talk” does and should share a number of similarities no matter who is giving it, whether that talk is heeded could ultimately depend on its presentation. Typically the talk revolves around law enforcement, which has historically been a terrorizing force in Black people’s lives in America. So it’s left up to the older generations — the initiated, if you will — to tell the youth how it really is so as to inform them for something that has become the inevitable: a police encounter.

One of the main points of the talk, aside from keeping loved ones safe and alive, is to hammer home the point that behavior like racial profiling and implicit bias is not normal and should not be accepted. One way to accomplish that is by arming the youth with the knowledge and wherewithal to navigate their young lives successfully, and safely.

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