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Local law enforcement was searching for a little girl after her mother was found dead in their apartment in South Carolina on early Monday evening. Nevaha Lashy Adams, who is just five-years-old, was subsequently reported missing.

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The Sumter Police Department said on its Facebook page that it has one person of interest in custody after Sharee Bradley, 29, was killed in her apartment in the Lantana Apartments complex. Bradley’s body was reportedly found by a family member.

“A suspect, Daunte Maurice Johnson, 28, who was seen fleeing the residence, is now in custody,” the Sumter Police Department posted on Facebook. “It is unclear what, if any, role he might have with the missing girl.”

Adams was described as standing at 4 feet, 3 inches tall and weighing about 50 lbs. She was last seen with braided black hair with colored beads.

Police said that an autopsy was scheduled to be performed on Bradley on Tuesday, according to the State.

While there were not many details, the case was a reminder of the tragedy of Maleah Davis. Her disappearance made national headlines when her stepfather Derion Vence claimed that three Hispanic men beat him and kidnapped the little girl. Vence claimed on May 4, he, Davis and his two-year-old son were on their way to George Bush International Airport to pick up Davis’ mother.

Vence originally told Sgt. Mark Holbrook of the Houston Police Department’s Homicide Division that he heard a “popping noise” and pulled over. He said a blue pickup truck pulled up behind his vehicle and two Hispanic males got out and hit him in the head. He said he lost consciousness and woke up at 6 p.m. the next day. He said Maleah was missing but his son was still there. Vence claimed he then walked to a hospital, received treatment and then reported Maleah as missing.

Maleah Davis’ remains were found in a garbage bag on an interstate in Arkansas.

Vence was originally charged with tampering with a human corpse. Most recently, he was charged with felony injury to a child in the death of the 4-year-old girl, according to He is facing life in prison.

We hope Nevaha Lashy Adams is found safely found.


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