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Kari Lake Attends The Republican Party Election Night Event In Scottsdale, Arizona

Republican candidate for Arizona governor Kari Lake speaks during the Republican Party election night event on November 8, 2022, in Scottsdale, Arizona. | Source: The Washington Post / Getty

Former right-wing news anchor Kari Lake has lost her bid to become governor of Arizona to Democrat Katie Hobbs. Now, the MAGA Trump-humper-in-chief is considering following in her orangey-white nationalist overlord’s footsteps by challenging the election results with zero evidence that they need to be challenged. (She was a fierce supporter of Donald Trump’s “stop the steal” propaganda campaign after all.)

Meanwhile, Black Twitter is challenging the results of Lake’s ancestry and whether or not she’s been a woman of color passing as a white woman this whole time.

Now, I was first introduced to the possibility of Lake being Bizarro World Rachel Dolezal when writer Damon Young posed the question of whether she’s at least partially Black on Facebook.

“So now that kari lake lost, we can ask, can’t we?” Young asked. “I mean, she is, ain’t she? she has to know she is, right? If she don’t know–and she do, she has to know, but let’s just say she don’t–who gonna tell her? She can stay where she is, she don’t have to come over here. we don’t want her. They can keep her. but she gotta know, right?”

Now, I never personally gave Lake enough of my attention to ever even get a good look at her, but after seeing some close-up images of her looking like a middle age Walmart brand version of Whitley Gilbert, I’m not so sure what to think.

I mean, sure, Lake looks like she might lightly season half a chicken breast before tossing it into the air fryer. She looks like she might be able to electric slide on beat for at least five seconds before she reflexively starts river dancing. Lake definitely looks like half of her might have tried to lynch the other half of her in her sleep. She looks like she might wash one leg in the shower and use an actual washcloth three days a week, sure.

Still, some on Black Twitter are like—nah, she’s a whole white woman and Black people have no business trying to claim her.

It really doesn’t matter whether Lake is 100% Caucasian or half Karen, half Candace Owens—because she’s a full MAGA right-winger who should be rejected by the Black delegation. I’m honestly not even sure what the point of this debate is.

It’s pretty amusing though. So, what do y’all think? Is Kari Lake’s potato salad raisinless, or nah?


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