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A white woman and her husband have moved out of their Arkansas neighbor after she went viral for pulling a gun on four Black teenagers raising money for their football team. In addition, her husband has resigned from being the jail administrator.

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ABC reports after the story went viral of Jerri Kelly, she and her husband have packed their bags and moved from their home in Wynne, Arkansas Neighbors are ecstatic. Dale Baldwin, a former neighbor, said, “Yes. We don’t need those kind of neighbors, because it starts problems. And we don’t want problems.”

In addition, Joe Kelly, her husband was the Cross County Jail Administrator and he has now resigned. Baldwin had an opinion on this too, saying, “Maybe more should happen than just him resign. But I don’t know because it wasn’t done right.” He also added, “We have a variety of neighbors and friends and I wouldn’t want that to happen to anybody’s kids and those kids weren’t trying to start any kind of problems.”

In case you missed it, students were raising funds for their football team, but when the kids got to the door of Jerri Kelly on the morning of Aug. 7, things took a horrifying turn. Kelly allegedly pulled out her gun on the teens, two of whom were wearing their school football jerseys and made them lie down until the police, who, of course, she had called, arrived.

Five days later Kelly, was arrested and charged with four counts of aggravated assault, false imprisonment and endangering the welfare of a minor. It was unclear why her arrest was delayed for nearly a full week after police all but said they saw her racially profiling and menacing the kids with a firearm, but it can’t be ignored that her husband is the local jail administrator, which is more than likely why he resigned. 

She was also afforded the luxury of not having her mugshot taken following her arrest. One was finally taken three days later following her court appearance on Thursday. Cross County Sheriff David West — who works for Kelly’s husband, Cross County Jail Administrator Joe Kelly — “said she experienced a medical issue during booking and left without taking the photograph,” according to WMC Action News.

Kelly is due back in court on Sept. 30.


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