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Elonte McDowell was chocked, held to the ground and tased by Dekalb County, Georgia police. Thankfully, he survived. However, he is now speaking out about his horrific experience.

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McDowell admits to having cannabis on him but told ABC he want too far, “This is what some police officers do and you have to put a stand on it.”

He continued, “If your fellow officer or fellow mate is doing something incorrect you need to be like, Hey! You guys just tased him or you’re choking him. Stop that… It’s not okay. It needs to get out there. It happened one too many times. This happens every day.”

See the video below:

In the viral video, you can hear McDowell say, “I can’t breathe …Record this, babe. Record this.” He is hit with a stun gun while he is being chocked.

His girlfriend Alyssa Retuerto, who is recording, says, “Oh my God, what the f— are you doing that for? He’s in a f*****g choke hold and you just tased him? For what? For what.”

Retuerto repeatedly says, “Baby, baby, I love you so much.”

In a deeply disturbing moments, the officer who is nearly killing him, smacks his face and says, “You’re OK, big boy. It’s a nice fake.”

He then turns his anger to Retuerto, yelling, “back up, don’t impede my investigation.” An off camera an officer says, “Do you not understand that I have a dog in my hand and he will bite you” and another says “get a hold of her.”

At one point, she says, “I just want to make sure he has a pulse.”

See the video below:

According to a statement by the DeKalb Police Department, they claim “felony amount of cannabis was found,” and “McDowell attempted to flee…Officers attempted to restrain McDowell, who continued to resist.”

The statement also added, “The DeKalb Police Department is reviewing all available video footage and statements regarding the use of force in this incident.”

Sounds like this “review” will end up in more officer facing no punishment, even the chokehold was banned in Illinois four years ago.


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