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Elizabeth Warren did not come to play.

The Democrat presidential nominee just made major moves according to a recent poll by Quinnipiac University. First of all, she’s actually beating Joe Biden for the first time nationally with 27 percent of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents saying they’ll vote for Warren. Meanwhile, Biden has 25 percent of the vote.

When it comes to Black voters, Biden still remains in the lead but Warren has surged tremendously. In July, Warren only had 4 percent of the Black vote, while in August she had 8 percent. Now, in September she has 19% of the Black vote, which is nearly half of Biden’s 40 percent Black vote support. Clearly, with each month, Warren is doubling in digits. At this rate, she could surpass Biden’s numbers by the end of the year or even as soon as October.


Although Warren’s lead within the national poll falls within the survey’s margin of error, it’s still a big deal considering Biden was leading in August with 32 percent support, while Warren was at 19 percent. Warren is also trailing or beating Biden when the poll is studied by age group, gender or class.  Twenty-seven percent of men said they’d vote for Warren while 23 percent said they’d vote for Biden. The two candidates are tied when it comes to women at 26 percent.

Warren drastically leads Biden in the 18 to 34 age group with 25 percent support vs. Biden’s 3 percent. Biden is still beating Warren with the 65+ age group with 41 percent support compared to 28 percent for Warren. They’re closer together in the 50 to 64 years old age group with Biden at 32 percent support and Warren at 29 percent.

When it comes to income, the $100,000 plus crowd is rooting for Warren over Biden 36 percent to 21. Meanwhile the $50,000 or less crowd still favors Biden 26 percent to Warren’s 18 percent.

Unfortunately, the poll doesn’t break down the demographics of Black voters, although reports indicate that older Black voters favor Biden while younger Black voters are spending time trying to convince their elders to give up Biden.

Other candidates polled by Quinnipiac like Kamala Harris, Beto O’Rourke and Pete Buttigieg averaged the single digits for support, while Bernie Sanders averaged the double digits but still generally lower than Warren and Biden. The Quinnipiac survey seems to align with other public polling showing Warren and Biden separating themselves from the other Democratic nominees.

“After trailing Biden by double digits since March in the race for the Democratic nomination, Warren catches Biden,” Quinnipiac University polling analyst Tim Malloy said, according to POLITICO. “We now have a race with two candidates at the top of the field, and they’re leaving the rest of the pack behind.”

The Quinnipiac University national poll was conducted from September 19 to the 23rd, and 561 Democratic voters and independent voters who leaned Democratic were surveyed. The margin of sampling error is minus or plus 4.9 percentage points.


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