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Botham Jean‘s 18-year-old brother Brandt Jean hugging convicted murderer Amber Guyger was the hug seen around the world. He embraced her before she was sentenced to 10 years. However, his mother, Allison Jean, is speaking out and putting some clarity behind the hug.

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Jean told CBS, “What he did today, was remarkable, and he did it all on his own. What Brandt did was to cleanse his heart towards Amber … I do not want it to be misconstrued as a complete forgiveness of everybody.”

Daryl Washington, an attorney for the family, also added, “If Amber Guyger had of just spoke to Botham when she walked in the apartment, Botham would have been the type of guy to say, let me get you a bowl, join me, have some ice cream.”

See the video below:

Also, watch Brandt in the courtroom hugging Guyger, saying he loved her and that he didn’t want her to go to jail.

The jury came to a guilty verdict on Tuesday after less than 24 hours of deliberation. Those present reported tears of joy for Jean’s family while Guyger was left in agony. Cheers also reportedly erupted in the court room as well as the courthouse when the verdict was announced. Some folks could even be found flying the national flag of St. Lucia, where Jean and his family hail from.

On September 6, 2018, Guyger said she mistakingly entered Jeans apartment after a long day at work as a Dallas police officer. She says she mistook Jean for a crook and ordered him not to move. Then she shot him twice before realizing her catastrophic error. Jean was killed at 26 while watching T.V. and eating ice cream.

Many people questioned Guyger’s story because of various factor, particularly her assertion that Jean’s door was ajar. Clips posted to social media by neighbors appeared to show that apartment doors in the apartment complex shut automatically, which suggests that Guyger was lying.

Guyger’s murder trial took a full seven days, ending much faster than expected. The prosecution rested its case by Thursday, while the defense rested its case by Monday, which is when the jury deliberation started. Guyger admitted under cross-examination that she intended to kill Jean when she shot him, and the former officer also admitted that she was trained in CPR but refrained from performing the life-saving technique on Jean after she shot him. Instead, the 911 call she made along with her actions following the incident suggested that she was more concerned about saving herself rather than Jean.

Guyger was put in custody immediately. See her most recent mugshot below:


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