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Sounds about white! A New Mexico police officer brutally attacked an 11-year-old girl and he is walking away with no criminal charges. Apparently, the police department believes him resigning is enough.

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According to The Washington Post, the incident happened on August 27 at Mesa View Middle School. The child was accused of misbehaving for “several days.” She was allegedly “disrupting class, standing up on the bus and taking too much milk at the cafeteria.”

Officer Zachary Christensen accused the sixth grader of assaulting him and school officials, which was a lie. The child’s mother was called and while waiting for her, the principal and Christensen were following her. At one point, she was picking at a sign taped the door and the principal spats, “If you destroy it, it’s called criminal damage to property“. ’m going to charge you with criminal damage to property. Yeah, you’re going to go to jail for 50 cents. Yeah, plus resisting, plus disrupting the education process.”

The student pushed the teacher’s hand away and walked away, which is when the officers said,  “You’re done.” He pushed her against the wall, wrestled her to the ground and accused her of resisting arrest  while she screamed that she was in pain.

The child suffered a mild concussion. However, Christensen will not face any criminal charges. He is resigned and his supervisor has been demoted.

Farmington Police Chief Steve Hebbe said in a statement, “Like many of you, I was shocked and angry when I watched this video. We value our relationship with our community and will continue to work hard to maintain the public’s confidence in our department.”

See the disturbing video below:

The way Black children are disciplined is an ongoing problem. In 2018, Vox reported, “Back students in K-12 schools are far more likely to be disciplined — whether through suspension or referral to law enforcement — than their counterparts of other races.” In addition, Black girls are six times more likely to be suspended than white girls and “Survey respondents were more likely to say that Black girls, compared to white girls, need less nurturing, less protection, to be supported less, to be comforted less, are more independent, know more about adult topics, and know more about sex.”

This issue is not only law enforcement but is with the school.


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