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Patti LaBelle has been a trailblazer in the music industry for over 55 years, so it’s natural that the singer would have stories for days — some good and some not so bright. According to a new interview with “The Breakfast Club,” she plans on sharing the not so bright aspects with a movie about her haters.

LaBelle made the announcement when she spoke with the radio show about how she’s been given the cold shoulder by a select few stars. When Charlamagne tha God, DJ Envy and Angela Yee tried to figure out one singer LaBelle was talking about, she responded: “You’ll see soon…I’m making a movie of people who dissed me.” 

At first, the co-hosts didn’t believe her but she assured, “I promise you. It’s called ‘Patti’s Sad Days.'” When asked if she would give specific names of folks in the industry who dissed her, LaBelle quickly said, “Yea.”

If this wasn’t a big enough bomb she dropped, Ms. LaBelle went on to say that one of the “biggest girls” in music right now rejected her two years ago. “I said ‘hi’ walking in the hallway. We were doing a BET special. That heifer looked at me and walked away.”

Quickly, Charlamagne, Envy and Yee went into guessing names — everyone from Beyoncé, to Rihanna and even Lizzo. But LaBelle denounced all these guesses, saying all of these ladies were her “babies.”

“You got me wanting to see this damn movie,” Charlamagne cried after another failed round of guesses. LaBelle then said that her movie was coming out next month and she’s already been working on it. When asked what network it would air on, LaBelle first said CBS and then HBO, which caused the radio hosts to not believe her again.

But she assured, “I’m 75 honey, I’ve been dissed all my life. So I got to let everybody know who dissed Miss Patti Patti.” LaBelle then reiterated that she can’t identify these naysayers now, but it’ll all be in the movie.

Meanwhile, Ms. LaBelle is continuing to sell her Patti Pies just in time for the holiday season and as a single, 75-year-old woman, she still has major goals to mark off her list. “I really want to sell a lot of music,” she said. When explaining how she hasn’t sold as many albums as people might think, LaBelle said, “It doesn’t really bother me, but I would like to have that on my wall. You know, $10 million sold on this one project or something like that.”

The icon clearly doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. You can check out her full interview below.


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