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Yesterday, Trump was in Atlanta for his Black Voices for Trump Coalition. There was tons of buffoonery and one of Trump’s worshipers managed to get himself on television to defend the racist-in-chief.

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NAACP Atlanta president Richard Rose and Trump’s Diversity Council director Bruce LeVell were on CNN discussing his clear and dangerous racism.

Rose explained, “We take the words of some of the Republicans. As Andrew Gillum said when he was running for governor of Florida, it is the racists who calls this president the racist. It’s Lindsey Graham who said he was racist, xenophobic, and a religious bigot. We can’t disagree with that.”

LeVell’s head almost exploded as he ranted, “I have to keep putting this in perspective. It is essential and vital to build Black generational wealth back. Opportunity Zones is a magnificent tool. It’s one of the best tools we have. We can get better, yes. But when you go to an African-American community, ask yourself, who owns the grocery store, the gas stations. I’m one of the largest Black jewelry store owners in the country. I’m African-American … the numbers don’t lie.”

Just an important point, Opportunity Zones is a supposed plan to revitalize urban neighborhoods. The program has designated more than 8,000 census tracts across the U.S. as “distressed.” Nonetheless, there are already signs this will only be a bonanza for the wealthy by allowing real estate developers to push out poor people. The Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy reports, “This program runs a high risk of displacing low-income people living in communities from which government has historically and systemically disinvested. Low-income communities targeted by Opportunity Zones are overwhelmingly Black.” Areas for these so-called Opportunity Zones are “63 percent Black and only 28 percent white.”

LeVell even denied the validity of a Quinnipiac poll that said 80 percent of African-Americans believe Trump is racist. “No. That’s an unfair statement. That’s unfair,” he whined.

LeVell tried to praise the low employment numbers, which Rose countered with, “This has nothing to do with this president. None of that has anything to do with this president.All he had to do was maintain what the Obama Administration had started. Now we’ve got tariffs and trade wars going on. This has been a disaster. Economists tell us we’re headed for a slowdown because of the actions of this president.”

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