Pastor David E. Wilson heads Bibleway Ministries and World Out Reach Inc. in Texarkana, Texas. However, he is now in the middle of a scandal after he is allegedly seen on tape giving oral sex to another woman. The extremely graphic footage has gone viral.

SEE ALSO: Black Bailiff Goes Viral For Stroking Amber Guyger’s Hair Following Guilty Verdict exclusively reports, “A family member says that they do not know if the video is real. The family member said that whoever was spreading the video was trying to become famous off of Pastor David Wilson’s name.”

In the beginning, another Pastor David Wilson was accused of being in the tape and his daughter quickly cleared that up. Lola Simone wrote on social media, “Sometimes we unknowingly share our names with complete strangers. But that does NOT mean we share the same Mission or Faith! I am the daughter of the Great Doctor David E. Wilson. This other David E. Wilson is a man who just so happens to share same name as him. #YoureWelcome.” 

Reportedly, the woman in the footage is not his wife. The video, which has a clear shot of his face, is not safe for work and, again, is extremely graphic, can be seen here.

Here are alleged photos of Pastor David E. Wilson:

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Social media is torn on the alleged scandal. Some don’t have an issue with consensual sex tape and others are embarrassed that it’s a pastor.











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