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The manner in which 21-year-old student at Clark Atlanta University was killed has been revealed in court documents. Alexis Crawford “was allegedly strangled and smothered to death following a physical altercation with her roommate,” local news outlet 11 Alive reported on Tuesday afternoon.

Jordyn Jones, Crawford’s roommate, and Barron Brantley, Jones’ boyfriend, also 21-years-old, have each been arrested and charged with the murder.

“According to a Homicide Unit summary, Jordyn Jones, Crawford’s roommate and best friend, got into a physical altercation on Halloween,” 11 Alive wrote. “The report also revealed that 21-year-old Barron Brantley, Jones’ boyfriend, got involved with the fight and choked Crawford to death with his hands. The warrant for Jones alleges she ‘did smother the victim, Alexis Crawford, with a black trash bag until Crawford stopped breathing and was deceased.'”

The full extent of the motive was not completely clear.

Confessions from both Jones and Brantley corroborated the reports that produced the court documents.


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Two suspects have been arrested in the death of Clark Atlanta University student Alexis Crawford. The family have spoken out and there are many questions why Jordyn Jones, Crawford’s roommate, and Barron Brantley, Jones’ boyfriend, both 21-years-old, allegedly committed these heinous crimes.

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AJC reports Crawford’s family says the two were “two peas in pod” and Jones even came to their house for Thanksgiving and Easter. Rev. Markel Hutchins during an interview on behalf of the family, “That makes that tragedy all the more difficult to understand and reconcile. She spent time with the family, in the family home.”

He continued, “They knew Jordyn, they liked Jordyn. There was never a reason to suspect that Jordyn would do anything wrong or ill to Alexis. One family member described them as two peas in a pod. … To go from that to where we are today, it’s unthinkable, unspeakable.”

They had been friends since their first year at Clark Atlanta.

The only current connection is that Crawford felt threatened by Brantley and filed a police report saying that he sexually assaulted, but it appeared no action was taken by law enforcement. The Washington Post reports, “Crawford told authorities that Brantley had rubbed her shoulder with his hand and kissed her on the neck as they drank together, according to a police report. Crawford told police Brantley said he’d mistaken her for his girlfriend — Crawford’s roommate, Jones.”

Crawford claimed  Brantley locked “her inside the bathroom wearing only a bra, the report states. It’s unclear exactly when Jones found her roommate.” A “pair of cut panties” were found in the bathroom. Jones alleged Crawford “had passed out” and Brantley denied having sex with her.

The medical examiner has ruled that she died from asphyxiation, or suffocation, local news outlet WSB-TV reported Sunday morning.

Crawford had been missing since the end of October. Jones previously told investigators that Crawford asked her for a ride to the liquor store Oct. 30 about 11:30 p.m. Jones said they returned home and that she last saw Crawford around 12:30 a.m. on Oct. 31 before going to bed for the night.

Crawford’s body was found in a park in DeKalb County on Friday following the arrest of Brantley, who police said led them to Crawford’s body. Jones was arrested on Saturday.

Her family filed a police report on Nov. 1 and her mother, Tammy Crawford, said she last spoke to her daughter on Oct. 30. She said that Alexis “seemed to be in good spirits and was laughing” during the conversation.

Other family members of Crawford provided a glimpse into a possible timeline before she went missing.

Crawford’s sister, Monica Wright, said they were in contact the afternoon of Oct. 30 during a FaceTime call. Wright said that her sister asked her if she could send money via Cash App. Their father agreed and Wright finalized the transaction.

Another sister, Alexandria Crawford, explained that she texted Alexis at about 8:44 p.m. that night and questioned what her plans were for the weekend. She replied with a simple, “nothing,” and didn’t respond further. Later that evening, Alexis Crawford posted to Instagram and responded to an Instagram group message with laughing emojis.

Crawford’s funeral was scheduled to be held on Saturday, Nov. 16 at the Hill Chapel Baptist Church in Athens, Georgia.


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