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Donald Trump‘s attempt to maintain his select few Black supporters was in full swing this Friday with the launch of the Black Voices for Trump Coalition in Atlanta.

Folks arrived at the Georgia World Congress Center in their “Blacks For Trump” t-shirts and red MAGA hats to prove just how low the sunken place can go. Many poured into the venue anticipating Trump’s speech to his Black (and some White) supporters.


The usual sunken suspects were also present, including MAGA minions, Diamond and Silk, Katrina Pierson, Pastor Darrell Scott, Paris Dennard and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s niece Alveda King

Trump’s visit to Atlanta didn’t come without resistance, however. According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, protests began in the morning with a press conference where State Sen. Nikema Williams described Trump as bringing his “backwards agenda to Georgia to pretend like his actions haven’t been a disaster for the Black community and marginalized communities across this entire country.”

She continued:

“In Georgia, we know better on issues from healthcare, to criminal justice, to education to basic respect, Donald Trump has failed to be a president for all Americans, especially Americans from marginalized background. Donald Trump’s administration has made an all out assault on people of color.”

Trump continually polls low for Black people with a 2016 report stating that 8% of Black voters in the U.S. cast their ballots for Trump. A recent poll by The Associated Press – NORC Center for Public Affairs Research showed that only 4% of Black people think Trump’s policies and actions have helped Black people.

Yet, Trump still believes he’s doing something. When he took to the podium for his speech at the World Congress Center (amid chants of “four more years!” from the crowd), he said, “We’ve never done better than we’re doing now.”

He then went on to list selective data about how Black unemployment rates and Black poverty rates are at a record low without giving context as to how both trends were already going down before he was president. Trump then railed against his usual Democrat opponents, claiming they haven’t done anything for Black people. At one point he even had the nerve to say, “I deal with the crooked politicians all the time,” as if he’s currently not under investigation for possible impeachment.

But of course, the Black people in the audience just ate up all of Trump’s claims. The sunken place hit a new low.

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